Online Internet Marketing StrategyInternet marketing is as the name suggest, marketing your website, business or product online. In order to do marketing you must have a marketing strategy plan set up. As with any business you need to make sure that you create a business plan that is going to work for you and your business.

Generating Website Traffic With Onsite SEO Marketing Tactics

Generating website traffic is actually pretty easy once you master the process. Many newbies seem to struggle with gaining rankings and traffic, and some even find it hard to have their sites indexed by Google in the first place.

In truth generating targeted website traffic is the easiest thing to learn in Internet marketing and will stand you in good stead forever! What you do need to be certain of before you begin marketing your site is whether it is ready for when your visitors arrive.

This part is harder than generating the traffic, but should not be ignored. Marketing your site and getting tons of visits is pointless if the people coming to visit are going to click away as soon as they arrive.

Although once your website or blog is built you may feel ready to start marketing, hold fire. You first need to check your actual onsite SEO is present and correct. To get the best results use the proper methods. Forget what the gurus teach as most of it is old and ineffective.

Effective onsite SEO means making sure you have proper title tags, meta tags that are properly set up, having images with alt tags for the search engines, and images with strong keywords. This is all much easier than you may think and is a really important part of the mix to get right.

Choosing and Using Proper Keywords

If I had to list all Internet Marketing concepts in order of importance, keywords would be number one. The proper use of keyword terms are necessary for success!

Keywords are words (or usually phrases) which people type into search engines. When looking for information about TV’s, I may type “flat panel televisions” into Google. If you have a site about TV’s, and one page is optimized for the keyword “flat panel televisions”, I may find your site in Google!

You must use keyword tracking tools to determine what the keywords are people are using with reference to your product or service. These tools (many are free) list how many searches per month are done with each word or phrase.