There’s a big misconception out there, and I want to save you a lot of time and heartache. It goes for apps as well as websites or any product, really. It’s the belief that “if you build it, they will come”.

Now, don’t feel bad, everyone’s fallen for it at one point or another. I believed it was true for a while. I mean, we all wish that if we build a better mousetrap, that people will beat a path to our door, right? They’ll instantly see how awesome it is and fall to our feel (but not before pulling out their wallet).

But it doesn’t work that way. There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone apps out there competing for attention with yours, so even you built the best app, people might not have heard about it. Getting awareness is the first step because without awareness, people just can’t buy your app even if they wanted to.

Then, once people do hear about your app, why would they want to buy it? What reason do they have to pull out their wallet, find their credit card, and hand over their money? That takes effort (even though the App Store makes it easy) and it costs them money (even though many apps are just 99 cents). There has to be a clear reason – it comes back to the benefits we talked about – for someone to want to download your app. Communicating the benefits of your app is part of marketing, too.

So, now that you know how important learning to sell your app is, here’s the question… How do you buy app store reviews so you can sell more in the App Store? That is probably the top challenge facing developers like you. In this article, you will learn about effective ways to promote your app that are easy and inexpensive.

When you make an iPhone app, you might not think about promotion – but you should if you want to make more money selling your app online. Promotion is all of the marketing activities you do – both large and small – to spread the word and convince people to buy your app.

It is important to spend time to think about your marketing plan. How will people find your app? Why would people want to buy it? What is the right price for my product? These are all critical questions to ask yourself before launching your app – and to keep asking yourself while you are selling it. There are many resources online to help you learn about marketing iPhone apps, and taking some time to learn more about it can mean bigger profits in less time.

Developers looking to promote apps have many choices and they do not have to be difficult or costly. The best way to promote the app you created are often online: search engine marketing, social media tools, review sites, and more. Online promotion has the advantage of being simple, cost effective, and puts your app right in front of shoppers when they want to buy an app.

Better yet, many ways to promote your app online are free. You can get popular blogs or review sites to write about your new iPhone app or iPod game, for example. This kind of free publicity is an effective way to let more potential customers know about your app and can dramatically increase your sales when done correctly.

When you need to promote iPhone apps you made, consider all of your options. Weigh the pros and cons of each. But above all, just take action. You won’t make money thinking about apps, but you can make money by putting one out there.

Will you make mistakes? Yes, I’ve made plenty. You won’t really know what’s going to work ahead of time. Not even the best app marketer has a crystal ball. You can’t really predict if this ad on Google will do better than that one. Or which review site will write about your blog. Or if a price of $2.99 will do better than $3.99.

No one knows these things ahead of time with 100% certainly. Yes, there are smart ways you can educate yourself about which strategies are likely to work better than others.

But, if I could offer you only one piece of advice, it’s just do it! Give it a try. Especially with apps and marketing online, nothing is written in stone. If you leave out a feature your customers want, you can add it later. If your description isn’t all that good, you can perfect it when you update your app.

An app that isn’t in the App Store will make you nothing, but if your out there and spreading the word, you’re in the game. You have a good chance of making sales and getting new customers. Just do it.