Reach writer's block run out of topics in your article marketing? Article marketing requires constant release of content. But what are you supposed to do when you don't know what to write?

I would assume that you enjoy writing if you are choosing article marketing as your marketing strategy. Because you will need to be doing a lot of it.

To break thru a writer's block, proficient writers advise to just keep writing. It doesn't matter if what you write turns out to be useful enough for publishing. The writing itself leads to productive ideas.

"What do I write about?"

This is the number one question I am asked by new marketers using article marketing.

Every article should be based around a keyword to create top search engine results. Keep the article on topic and focused on that one keyword. Here are the 5 categories of keywords to use for article marketing, beginning with the easiest one to rank high for.

YOU - Writing an entire article about yourself isn't effective when you are new because no one is going to care who you are at first. But here's why I state it: when someone does learn who you are they are going to research your name. Put your name as a keyword in any subject you produce. Also, put a single biographical line about yourself in the "about the author" section. Write out your name and speak in 3rd person. I also include this because article marketing is linked with attraction marketing and your objective is to attract people to YOU.

Tip #1

Articles should link back to your blog or website where there is a tab all about you with your story. Prospects want to know you and trust you before they join you.

YOUR COMPANY - After people find you and research you they are going to learn which MLM company you are in. When they do a search of your MLM you want them to find what you have to say about the company. You don't want them to find the negative people talking about your MLM. Write a upbeat 3rd person review of your company. Make it informative and honest without hype. Readers can tell if you are just talking big.

Tip #2

Everyone thinks that their company is "the best" speak positive about your company without hype and include a story of success. Remember FTC law and NO income claims.

OTHER COMPANIES - Why should you write a review of a company you aren't in? Because people who are looking to join MLM research a lot of companies. If you present yourself as an expert in MLM and write about other companies, you will attract prospects because you are informed about more than just your MLM. Again, be honest in your review. Be sure to state that you are not with the company you are reviewing so there is no confusion later.

Tip #3

Never trash talk and don't write about things you don't know about. If you don't understand compensation plans don't try to explain one. Summarize the company history. You can include a marketing strategy on how to make money in XYZ company. and keep it factual.

Bonus Tip

Write about NEW companies. Ones that have been around for a while will have a lot of articles about them. If you are one of the first to write about a company your article can be found faster and easier.

PRODUCTS and PEOPLE - There are a lot of successful marketers in the MLM industry. Those big name marketers usually have released their own training or affiliate products. Write a review of their product or a biographical story about them. Again, be sincere and keep your facts straight. Do your homework on a person first. And NEVER use the word scam along with a person's name. Successful people can afford lawyers, don't bring a lawsuit on yourself. This topic is why you want to make yourself rank high in search engines when you first begin article marketing. As you become successful other people will write about you. You want to be the one in control of the content that people see.

Tip #4

Write about a product you actually use. If you are an affiliate of that product you can include a link to it in the resource box of the article. Most article sites allow 2 links in the resource box. One should always be back to the original content on your website. The other can be to your affiliate link.

GENERIC - Topics on the "how to" of MLM. How to choose a domain name, how to choose a sponsor, how to create article content, how to find the right company, how to make money in MLM, how to market online, how to prospect offline This topic is endless. But since it's generic it is harder to rank in the search engine results. It is easiest to write about though.

Tip #5

Watch one training video or webinar on MLM and you will have plenty of ideas to write about. Choose one and elaborate.

Be original in your writing. Don't be a copy cat. You can write about the same topic or idea that someone else has written. I'm sure someone else has written on this same topic before, perhaps even with this same format. What matters is that the words are your own. You can use the same idea, not the same words.

If you submit to more than one article site you must "spin" the article. Change the wording of the article with synonyms and different sentence structure. Search engines will ignore your article if it is posted everywhere exactly the same.